Muir Beach and Swaying in a Hammock Between Two Palms
Cargo Literary
Next Issue 2019

Death of Sound

Finalist, 2018 Rash Award in Poetry
Broad River Review
Upcoming Issue 2019

Awakened Dream
The Slag Review
Issue #13, July 2019

Saranac Review
Fall 2019

Rush Hour
The Midwest Quarterly
Spring 2019


Julian Bream’s Guitar
The Manhattanville Review
Spring 2019

Wilderness Therapy
Alexandria Quarterly
Spring 2019

Early Esalen Morning
Esalen Catalogue, page 27
July – December, 2019

Home Office Conference Nightmare and What to Talk About
The Cape Rock
Issue 47, 2019

Tech Talk and Love at Farley’s Café
April 8, 2019

Board Meeting
HitchLit Review
Vol. 2, Issue 2, January 2019

“Back Roads”
Schuylkill Valley Journal
Vol. 47, Fall 2018

We Have This Pullout Sofa
Love’s Executive Order
November 2018

It’s a Wet Rich Poor Sick Beautiful World
Salt Hill Journal
Issue 41

L.A. Rain
Fall 2018

My Daughter Spoke of the Resistance 
Drunk Monkeys
May 7, 2018

The Beauty of Me is That I Am Very Rich

and What I Heard About the Fires
The Ignatian Literary Magazine

The Life of the Jewish Soul Sucked Out
Tikkun Magazine
Vol. 33, Number 1-2

Thirty-Six Ride the Ghost Ship
The Chattahoochee Review
Volume 38.1

Cold and Ancestors
Red Savina Review
Volume 6 Issue 1

Ode to Health Nuts and Beach Cafe
Mudlark Flash

Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions
January 2018

Bend The Curve
Paragon Journal – Page 62
December 2017

I Said Please Instead Of Open The Fuck Up!
Love’s Executive Order!
December 2017

TSR: The Southampton Review
December 2017

If and Song of Songs
Word Fountain
Fall/Winter 2017

The Resistance
The Dunes Review
Summer/Fall 2017

Wallowa Lake Tramway, Oregon
Catamaran Literary Reader
Vol. 5/Issue 3 Fall 2017

Runaway Mother
Fall, 2017

These Fragile Lilacs
Volume III, Issue I 2017

Save Me a Panther
These Fragile Lilacs
Volume III, Issue I 2017

Ode to Estate Sales
Vol 54. 2017

A Little Remains
Vol. 54 2017

Naiad’s Den
Common Ground Review
Spring/Summer 19.1

Stewie the Neighbor’s Borderline Squirrel
Common Ground Review
Spring/Summer 19.1

Crack the Spine
15th Print Anthology
The Question Posted by a Client from the Hospital
Whistling Shade
Spring/Summer 2017, page 25
The Round
The Annual Donation Request Reminds Me
Alyss Issue 4, 2017
Grief Workshop
Tiger’s Eye Issue 26, 2017
The History of Coffee
Tiger’s Eye Issue 26, 2017
The Pedicurist
Third Wednesday Vol. X, No. 1
The Day America Killed Itself
Tikkun January 22, 2017
Ideal Cities
2016 Poets Eleven Anthology
Fall 2016
Award Winner
A Hope for Technology
2016 Poets Eleven Anthology
Fall 2016
Award Winner
French Quarter
2016 Poets Eleven Anthology
Fall 2016
Award Winner
On Dreamless Sleep
Scream Online (mini-anthology)
Fall 2016
Big Muddy
Volume 16.1, 2016
Linguine with Clams
TSR: The Southampton Review
Summer 2016
Seventh Grade
The Binnacle
June, 2016
Crack the Spine
May, 2016
Bird and Beckett Bookstore
Willow Review, Volume XLIII,
Spring 2016
Still Arguing With Old Synagogue
2015 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award, Poetica Magazine

Losing Teeth
Burningword Literary Journal
October 2015
Women and the Western Wall
Poetica Magazine
Fall 2015
Summer 2015
Dog Path at Fort Funston, San Francisco
Forge, Issue 9.1
July 2015

I Want to Find My Soul Through The Wormhole

Spring 2015

The P Word

August 2014
County Hospital Residents [On Air Reading]
The Healing Muse
Volume 14, 2014
Now Is The Time
Poetica Magazine
Summer 2013
Not Knowing
The Reform Jewish Quarterly
Summer 2012
Depression Session
Leaflet, Vol #2, Issue #2
Tzelofhad’s Daughters
Poetica Magazine
Summer 2011
Morning at Esalen
The Healing Art of Writing
Vol.1 (2011), Watts
It Sometimes Happens
The Healing Art of Writing
Vol.1 (2011), Watts
Sunday Morning and the Gulf Oil Spill
Spring 2010